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Travel to Tambov from Moscow and back

Airport: Domodedovo (Moscow) – Donskoe (Tambov)

You may get to Tambov in the way given any day except Friday and Saturday (may be changed at Summer). The plane takes off at 8:40 PM (GMT +3) from Moscow and arrives at 9:55 PM (GMT +3) in Tambov (Donskoe). The flight takes one hour.

Airport: Donskoe (Tambov) - Domodedovo (Moscow) .

Departure is daily except Saturday and Sunday(may be changed at Summer) - 7:05 AM (GMT +3). -- Arrival at 8:20 AM (GMT +3).

Additional information here:

Railway: Paveletskiy (Moscow) - Tambov.

The train 31:

Departure: 10:00 PM (GMT +3) from Moscow -- Arrival: 07:29 AM (+1) (GMT +3) in Tambov

The train 651:

Departure: 11:24 PM (GMT +3) from Moscow -- Arrival: 10:38 AM (+1) (GMT +3) in Tambov

The train 31 is more convenient than the train 651, thus if you prefer getting to Tambov by train we advise you to choose the first variant, although according to your preferences for time of the departure.

Railway: Tambov – Paveletskiy (Moscow)

The train 31

Departure: 8:39 PM (GMT +3) -- Arrival: 06:24 AM (+1) (GMT +3)

In Tambov:

The meeting of participants would be organized (in details later).

Nevertheless, you may get taxi to the hotel “Derzhavinskaya” or busses:

-- from the railway station by the buses N.18 to the bus stop “Chichkanova”,

-- from the airport by the buses N.144 to the bus stop “Chichkanova”.