Accepted papers

Tambov University Reports, Series: Natural and Technical Sciences, Volume 15, Issue 4, 2010

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Vasily Astakhov
Estimates of the running time and memory requirements of the new algorithm of solving large sparse linear systems over the field with two elements. 1311

Philippe Aubry, Annick Valibouze
Parallel computation of lagrange resolvents by multi-resolvents. 1328.

Mikhail Cherepniov
Some estimations of performance of parallel algorithms for solving large linear systems over GF(2). 1342.

Aleksey Lapaev
DFT for polynomials in parallel algorithmes. 1354.

Gennadi Malaschonok
Fast matrix decomposition in parallel computer algebra. 1372.

Natalia Malaschonok
A parallel algorithm for symbolic solving partial differential equations. 1386.

Anatoly Panyukov, Vasily Gorbik
Exact and guaranteed accuracy solutions of linear programming problems by distributed computer systems with MPI. 1392.

Dmitry Pavlov
Parallelized computation of extended universal Gröbner basis. 1405.

Oxana Pereslavtseva
Parallel algorithms which are based on the method of homomorphic images for computing the characteristic polynomials. 1413.

Alexey Pozdnikin
Out-of-core parallel polynomial arithmetic. 1426.

Oleg Yaremko, Natalia Yaremko
Parallel computing for the Fourier transform with discontinuous coefficients. 1436.